Episode 5 is a great conversation, with special guest Sarah Templeton, about all things ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Sarah runs 2 services that specialise in supporting people presenting with traits of ADHD; Headstuff ADHD Therapy, providing a team of over 40 therapists specialising in ADHD and supporting people across the UK, and Headstuff ADHD Liberty service, which targets support for people “fighting for freedom from addiction and crime”. Sarah was diagnosed with ADHD at 51 and has been sharing her personal story and expertise about all things ADHD ever since. Sarah offers insights to what ADHD actually is, how it can be recognised, the assessment process, and importantly Sarah shares coping strategies and ways to use ADHD traits as superpowers! Sarah has extensive experience working in prison systems across the UK, and we talk about her work with prisoners, highlighting the correlation between ADHD and convicted offenders. Sarah highlights how ADHD is still a grossly misunderstood area of mental health, and we discuss the huge impact of people being misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. We learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed talking with a leading light in a vital area of mental health. For more info, check out Sarah’s book “How NOT to murder your ADHD kid, instead learn how to be your child’s ADHD coach”. 

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