This week we welcomed into The Therapy Shed a very special guest; Yinka. Yinka is a Counsellor with extensive experience working in suicide prevention with people from all age ranges and backgrounds; it was a real honour to have him drop by the Shed to talk about what is often the most sensitive and challenging issues in society today; Suicide. Listen, as we explore the evolution of language around Suicide, the role of language in how we understand and relate to Suicide and suicidal ideation. Yinka offers great insight into the how, what and why any of us could experience suicidal thoughts and feelings, plus the great importance of learning to understand and respond to those thoughts and feelings constructively. We share personal experiences relating to suicidal ideation and Yinka shares suggestions for communicating with the self and others if someone is experiencing suicidal ideation. This is one of the most human and honest conversations we had the pleasure of hosting in The Therapy Shed. Hope you enjoy listening, and be kind to yourself.

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